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Top 10 Youth Health 2.0 articles of 2011

1. #9 cool public health and social media articles 2. Is technology to blame in cybersafety? 3. Stanford Medicine 2.0 Conference 2011 - The Report Card (Guest blog by Prajesh C) 4. iPhone Apps for STI/HIV Prevention 5. Mark Scott (ABC) on social media leadership 6. Social media and Indigenous culture 7. Youth Health 2011 Sydney conference presentation 8. Sexual health iPhone Apps 9. Wanted: a Social Media E ...

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A simple QR code campaign evaluation

Basic quantitative data For my oral presentation at the 8th  Australian and New Zealand Adolescent Health Conference (3rd IAAH Asia Pacific Congress) I prepared and demonstrated the use of a QR code in health communications and youth engagement. Present in the audience were health professionals who were interested in and experimenting with social media. The session chair was Fiona Robards, the manager of th ...

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QR Codes in Health Promotion,, ...

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